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The Rhetoric of Hypertext

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Creating content for the web, no matter what the form or nature of that content,requires on the part of the writer an entirely new approach to the conceptualisation, organisation, research, and actual construction of language.
The publication of web content, just like the publication of traditional printed material, furthermore requires the consideration of a number of other elements in order to be successful. In the case of print, the traditional workflow is that a writer delivers a text or manuscript to the publisher, who then hands it over to the copy-editing, design and production teams.
The copy editorıs task is to ensure that the text is well-written and free of errors, and furthermore that it conforms to that publisherıs house style, marking up different levels of headings and sub-headings and sometimes working with the designer to bring textual, typographical and visual elements together. The editorial and design teams then work with the production team, making last minute corrections to proofs or, at the final stage even ozalids, while the designer meanwhile checks colour proofs, layouts and pagination, and undertakes such specialist tasks as colour corrections.
In the emerging work methodologies that relate to web publishing, the writer may similarly be one single element within a larger production team, working with designer and webmaster (who may sometimes be the new media equivalent of a project editor or editorial director). In such cases, the writer may supply his text, get paid, and leave it to the others to put the whole together. More than likely, however, the writer may be required to undertake additional roles and tasks in the effective creation and distribution of content on the web. Indeed, I have stressed throughout this book that the web offers the writer the opportunity to be a publisher, that in effect the writer need no longer be dependent on the services of outside editorial, design and production specialists to produce and distribute our work. On the other hand, this makes it inherent that the writer who publishes on the web masters and undertakes some of the roles and tasks traditionally undertaken by others.

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Rhetoric of hypertext


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