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Spring Onion Pancake

Pajon is a classic: in Seoul city centre markets, at rest stops high in the mountains, or at popular venues such as the Korean Folk Village at Suwon, there will always be somebody on hand, poised over a hot, well-greased griddle, making these delicious spring onion pancakes to eat as a snack, or to accompany frothy mugs of makkolli or carafes of tong dong ju. And in Korean homes, too, this is something which everybody always loves.

2 eggs, beaten together by hand

1/2 pound flour

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

About 1/3 pint water (enough to make a medium batter)

About 10 large spring onions or 20 small ones, split lengthwise and cut into 4 inch pieces

1 courgette, cut into 4 inch matchsticks

1 large carrots, peeled, and cut into 4 inch matchsticks

1/4 pound shrimp

A handful of fresh-snipped chives

4 eggs, beaten by hand

Peanut or soy oil for frying

Mix the eggs, flour, vegetable oil, and sufficient water together to make a medium batter. Allow to rest for about 15-20 minutes.
Heat a large frying pan or griddle with just enough oil to coat the bottom. Ladle enough batter to make a large, round or oblong pancake. Lay about half or a third of the spring onions, courgette and carrot matchsticks, shrimp, and chives in a line on the batter.
Cook for about 5-7 minutes over a medium-hot heat. While the pancake is cooking, spoon beaten egg on to the spring onion side to fill in the gaps between the vegetables. When the egg has set and the pancake bottom is well browned, flip over. Don't worry too much if the pancake breaks up as it will be torn into small pieces before eating. Cook for a further 5-7 minutes, pressing down with a spatula to ensure that the batter cooks through.
Remove from the frying pan, drain on kitchen paper, and either serve whole to be torn up at the table, or else cut into small squares. Use remaining batter and vegetables to make one or two more pancakes.
Serve with cho jang vinegar dipping sauce.

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