Welcome to Marc and Kim Millon's world of food and wine. Let us admit unashamedly and wholeheartedly from the start that our tastes are catholic and far-reaching, and that we like nothing better than discovering new flavours and especially new regional or ethnic cuisines. (If you, as we do, like it hot, then check out our hot and spicy Café Korea).
Our wine palates, by contrast, lean towards the classic flavours of the Old World, especially Italy, Spain and France, though we remain, I assure you, very open to persuasion. We shall in future months be building on our exciting Italian wine web portal, vino.co.uk, so watch this space.
We'd like, too, to consider this very much an open and interactive forum. Drop in to see what our current food-and-wine enthusiasms are, follow the seasons with our Notes from a Devon Kitchen..., or browse (and hopefully purchase) any of our food and wine books.
Or else simply get in contact for food, wine and travel advice. We'll be happy to help if we can. Feel free, too, to drop us a line, to share your favourite recipes with us (if we like them, we'll post them on this website), or simply to take part in an always exciting and appetising dialogue on all matters relating to food and wine.



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