World Wide Web Site Creation, Consultancy, Marketing and Maintenance

Quay Press offers a full range of world wide web services, including site creation and design, full editorial consultancy and on-going maintenance. We can help you structure existing print material for publication on the web, or create with you custom sites designed and produced entirely for new media publication. Our aim above all is to bring many years' experience in the publishing industry, primarily but not exclusively covering food,wine and travel subjects, to new media publishing on the world wide web.

Our background in the traditional publishing industry means that we are an editorially led company and believe that every web site must address such fundamental questions as:

  • Purpose Why does this web site need to be created? What are the fundamental reasons for doing so?
  • Audience Who is this web site aimed at? What will attract them most? What do they need to know?
  • Approach How can this web site visually and textually get its chosen target audience to explore it further? What is the hook that will lure them in?
  • Structure and Navigation What is the best way to organise the web site depending on the style and depth of information and images available and necessary to be conveyed? Is its means of navigation clear and easy to follow?
  • Methods of Development How can this web site best suit the needs and requirements of its audience?
  • Commitment level How much maintenance will this site require? How will this be achieved?


Please explore the Quay Press site, visit sites that we have created and maintain, and do contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you make an appetising impact on the world wide web.

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