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Marc Millon

ISBN 1-871516-97-8

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"Practical, beautifully written, and broadly informed, CREATIVE CONTENT FOR THE WEB maps the evolution of this powerful new medium. For readers who so far have only a casual interest, as well as for professionals who are seeking broader perspectives on the World Wide Web and the Internet, this is a must read."

David H. Lynn Editor, The Kenyon Review


To understand creative content for the web, this book examines how the medium differs from other media. It traces the brief but meteoric history of the World Wide Web, looks at the technologies that drive it and how they impact on content, gives consideration to the electronic reader, and considers how the medium impacts on the message.

By gaining an understanding of how the web is unique as a publishing medium, this book empowers anyone — writers, authors, academics, content providers or individuals — to create effective, attractive and compelling content for the World Wide Web. More than this, by explaining in clear, jargon-free language, it shows the reader how to take direct advantage of the opportunities offered by this uniquely powerful electronic medium.

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excerpt from Chapter Seven Writing for the Web


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